Ricardo is an amazing healer, dedicated to his work and well trained. I have attended over 20 healing events guided by him and each one of them was a unique experience with deep healing and learning outcomes. I am very happy and grateful to have the opportunity to learn about the Amazonian tradition from him and to listen to the beautiful healing music that he plays. Can`t wait for the next healing events. Thank you Ricardo! Many blessings.



I can only repeat what has been said many times before - Ricardo is simply amazing!! He makes you feel safe, cared for and understood. He takes his calling and his work very seriously. I consider myself very lucky to have met him and Doris and I am sure that our paths will cross several times throughout our lives. I am eternally grateful - thank you for guiding and teaching me! Gracias hermano! Nos veremos pronto!



Ricardo is not only an amazing healer but an equally amazing human. I met him this time last year on Koh Phangan through some friends, not knowing that he was a shaman or even what Ayahuasca was. He introduced me and some friends to the medicine during this time, and it was absolutely changing. I was at a very low point, and I am so grateful that I had Ricardo to point me to the light during this time. I proceeded to visit him in Peru later that year, and not only participated in more ceremonies but also helped him to cook the medicine, for which words cannot describe. Everything Ricardo does is with love and the best intentions, and you can really feel this. Wonderful healer for your first ceremony or your hundredth, the best friend you can have in your spiritual journey. Thank you so much for everything Ricardo, te amo 💚



Ricardo you are a wonderful guide to the world of ancient healing spirits. You are a true heir of many years of tradition and culture. Your singing of traditional songs and a deep filling of space helps you to transfer our souls to healing and magical dimensions. Thank you from the deep part of the heart for what you are doing for us! This is very important in this difficult period for our planet. Together we begin to move towards our roots, to our great ancestors. Together we revive and return home to ourselves. I wish you great and productive processes in the future. I will be happy to help you spread your knowledge and help humanity to find Peace and Love! Ahoo!



I want to share about my meeting and experience with Ricardo. First of all I was so pleasure when Ricardo said before ceremony that he wants to meet with us. It was so nice because in the day of ceremony we've already known each other. Was very comfortable with light energy and good organisation. I had 2 ceremonies with Ricardo and there were my first healing events. And I'm sure that I will have my next ceremonies also with him. It was amazing experience with energy of infinite love and excellent atmosphere. I am grateful about that experience with Ricardo every moment in my life. Because after my life is really changes and I also still feel so strong connection with him and beautiful Doris. Love you so much and can't wait my next healing event with you J



I am so glad that i met Ricardo so that i got the opportunity for his healing. it was my first time and i am very thankful, i feel so much better! he is very professional and gave me a very safe feeling during the cermonies!