The explanation about Ikaros is coming from Ricardo’s experience. Ikaros are powerful songs that are used during the Ayahuasca ceremony, Kambo and other healing events that are happening in the centre and during travels for healing purposes. 

The Ikaro is the song of the shaman, ayahuasquero or healer. These songs usually accompany the energetic movements on the patient's body. The shaman directs and transfers part of his energy to the person with the use of Ikaros. Ikaros are also used to energetically load objects in order to equip them with certain power before using them. The shaman transfers with these songs his power to the Ayahuasca before giving it to the patient. This ritual is performed by the shaman to protect, to clean, to thank Pachamama and the Great Spirit for the blessing and the beautiful gift of having sacred Ayahuasca medicine.

Some ways of how to learn Ikaros:

  • Initiated from the teacher to the disciple
  • Divine Inputs (Ikaros that are received during the ceremony)
  • Taught by the shaman during the Diet
  • At the Ayahuasca ceremony, the Master connects with the spirit of the plant and asks the Pachamama and the spirit for permission to enter the apprentice. 

The first thing learned from the Ikaros is the vibration of the Ikaros which heals and removes the blockages. These songs are like songs for a baby, like shamanic dreams, that will be impregnated in the memory. After that the own intuition will guide the process of choosing the right Ikaro for the purpose of healing, protection and illuminat

Sound Healing


Healing with sounds is something that is practiced since the time of the Incas. It is used as a portal towards the Great Spirit. The sound is delivered to the sun, to the moon, to the earth for harvests. Through vibration we can heal the soul. The sound is an invisible energy that can penetrate deeply into our hearts, into our bones, into our souls and heal traumas, sadness and attract harmony and peace. 

The healing with ancestral sounds in a therapeutic use is very powerful. Our body is the temple of sound and the organs and cells are resonance boxes that are healing and regenerating when receiving this luminous vibration. Living beings are great receptors of energy and vibration. That's why sounds have the virtue of activating and harmonizing our energy fields, connecting us with our soul and with our internal powers.


Medicine Songs

The medicine songs are songs from all over the world. We sing songs in English, Spanish ... and many other kinds of languages. We use different mantras or invocations towards the medicine to heal, protect and invoke. It is a form of songs that brings intentions of freedom, love, healing, connection with the Pachamama and the medicine. 

Songs of medicine are sung in the ceremonies of Ayahuasca, Wachuma, and Cacao and also in Kirtan. Ricardo personally directs the ceremonies with Ikaros and medicine chants in different languages to connect with different teachers and ancestors from the whole universe.

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