About the center



Our centre is located in Peru, one hour by boat, from the capital of Amazonia, called Iquitos. The name of the little town where we are based is named Tamshiyacu.  


We have a large and very beautiful Maloca(temple) with a capacity of thirty people with a glass in the middle to receive the light of the moon or the sunlight inside the Maloca. There are some houses for dieting alone or for living alone during the retreats, which are simple but clean, natural houses built of rustic materials. They come with a large mosquito net, a large bed and a bathroom included. But we have also a shared dormitory for groups, which is the more reasonable version of the retreat. We recommend you to feel inside yourself which accommodation fits better to your needs of privacy. If you come with some friends it might be beautiful to stay together during integration time, to write, to journal, to draw, to sing together and to rest a lot.

How to get to the center?

Buy a ticket to Lima, the capital of Peru and then take a plane to Iquitos. From Iquitos you can go by boat to Tamshiyacu. The meeting point is the port of Tamshiyacu. But if there are more people or if you want to request a private boat service, we can pick you up at the airport of Iquitos.

What to bring?

A flash light, natural mosquito repellent, rain jacket, swimwear, boots or sneakers for jungle walks, comfortable and preferable white clothes for the ceremonies, clothes for yoga, a book to write your intentions and to manifest things, some pocket money to buy gifts, sun hat and sunglasses, natural sun lotion. Please bring only natural soap, shampoo and any kind of cosmetics that you use with you that are non-toxic to the environment. Thank you!

Other services of our center

Machu Picchu

We are helping you to coordinate and organise trips in Peru, for example to Machu Picchu, Sacred Valley... or to lovely places in the Amazon, be prepared for some shopping. For example beautiful jewellery and traditional, shamanic shipibo clothes can be found here.

Our next retreats


Every half year we are offering Sacred Master Plant Healing retreats in our center in Iquitos. You can see here on the photo our completely new Maloka, surrounded by nature, in a beautiful spot, close to the lake.

Some more references


Please follow this link to read more references about the wonderful healing work that Ricardo is doing together with his team: https://www.facebook.com/plantadivina7/

All around the world


We are offering healing events all around the world. For more information please drop us a line. Maybe we can manage to meet you somewhere on the way :).

2020 in CUSCO


We will open 2020 our next healing center in Cusco, Peru. Here it is very easy to visit Machu Picchu and other sacred and very beautiful places in Peru.


We love all our participants and will do the best possible to support you on your way to healing and illumination.

Why do you need to work with us

PLANTA DIVINA is a centre that is dedicated to a profound healing of body and soul. We heal traumas, depression, addiction, personality problems, panic attacks and other spiritual problems and also physical problems such as cancer, diabetes, rheumatism, heart problems, arthritis, tuberculosis, asthma (…).

We use not only master plants, but as well herbs from the Amazon. Our shaman Alberto studied the plants intensively and is a master of alternative healing with plants from the Amazon. We combine master plants with other traditional herbs depending on your individual needs and include as well healing forms like Qi Gong, Yoga, Tantra (depending on each retreat) to help you with the integration of the Ayahuasca experiences. All treatments with traditional plants and herbs can be purchase in the retreat for an additional cost. We also offer shamanic initiations with certificate. 

One of our intentions is to create a deep connection with the traditional medicines of the Amazon, to protect our medicines and to promote the plantings of new plants, because  we have medicines that are in danger of extinction. 

Many shamans use the plants and do not sow, so soon we can be without Ayahuasca and other medicines. Some of those can be lost by so much use. 

Planta Divina is a group of professionals that dedicates their lifetime to plant studies and we are offering exchanges. This means people can offer their work in exchange for ceremonies or diets. This offer fits for example for Yoga teachers and other spiritual integration worker that we want to included in our retreats as well. This people will receive accommodation and food as an exchange for no cost or a little cost, depending on the kind of work we agree on beforehand and on the performance. They can help to plant Ayahuasca and other medicines and learn more about the diets, also plant fruits and vegetables from the Amazon while creating a deep connection with Mother  Earth. 


Interested persons must inform us a few months before to be included in the program.