Ricardo is the owner of the centre, a humble and very powerful shaman. His shamanic name is Ricardo Cheroke and he was born on September 30, 1982, in Cuzco, Peru. His parents are descendants of the Incas. Ricardo was a very special child with a lot of internal wisdom. He always preferred to be in the mountains and started his shamanic way from his childhood on, he left his family at the age of twelve. He started this path of healing with the Wachuma master plant and had a strong diet for five years. He felt already that time that his heart was greatly opened and that he could understand the needs of other nations and other human beings. He began to dare his visions to connect with different cultures and he understood the importance of plants. He started a deep connection with the Pachamama. 


Ricardo's grandfather was a man with a very special gift for healing. He lived in the countryside, sowing the land and taking care of his animals. He also played the charango, quena and traditional instruments used in rituals and offers to the Pachamama. Ricardo's mother is a healer that uses the old knowledge of the Incas to heal with herbs and eggs. She healed many children of her community who suffered from scares and bad energies. Ricardo always connected strongly with his ancestors, the lineage that is coming from his grandparents. He felt the call to travel through Peru at the age of twelve and learned from the tribes that were having rituals together with him taking Wachuma at full moon every month for a period of five years. He continued the journey to heal himself and to purify himself, because he understood that if one wants to be used by the Great Spirit, one has to cleanse oneself of all ego and all negativity first. 

Ricardo lived seven years in the Amazon of Iquitos where he could meet the grandmother Ayahuasca. The grandmother appeared in the form of a condor posing on his head. So he understood that it was a divine power that came to him in the ceremony. He could also see his power animal, which is a black tiger or a puma. He continued his spiritual practices in the Amazon for many more years and went through a deep shamanic preparation. Ricardo had and has a passion for traditional bamboo instruments and he always loved and loves to connect with sounds and with Mother Nature.  After some time in the Amazon he met a seventy-year-old grandmother of Australian origin who lived many years in the rainforest. She felt the deep connection that Ricardo had with the Pachamama and his music. She decided to invite him to the Ayahuasca ceremony in her house in Padrecocha in Iquitos. After seventeen years of practice in an individual way Ricardo had his first group ceremony which was organized by her. After that he started to be in service to heal and help other people. He felt his inner calling deeply to serve and understood that he needed to have more initiations from other teachers as well to be fully prepared to share his shamanic wisdom all around the world.  

After seven years...


... Ricardo left Iquitos to continue his apprenticeship. He found an amazingly powerful Maestro in Ecuador where he received a very strong preparation with Ayahuasca and other plants. Maestro Luis Alberto Catan Shiqui is a shaman, who dedicated his life to all types of studies with plants from the equatorial Amazon. 

In this month of preparation, they had ceremonies every day together with the intention of purifying the body and transmitting great power to Ricardo. The Maestro taught him how to heal with herbs, eggs, candles, fire (…). 

In the Achuar tradition the Maestros transmit power directly to the initiate when the student is completely ready. This is called the Sinsac, which is the power of the Maestro to the initiate, so that the student in the future can be a Maestro as well. Luis Alberto Catan Shiqui could see already at the ceremony that Ricardo is going to travel to Thailand and many other countries in the world.


At the age of thirty Ricardo arrived in Thailand where a group of foreigners appeared who spoke with him that they were very interested in a Peruvian shaman that is working with Ayahuasca. 

His first ceremony in Asia was with 25 participants. And then every 15 days he did at least two ceremonies with a lot of people. The participants could understand that Ricardo has a genuine connection with the plants, a great preparation and powerful initiations. 

After a year Ricardo travelled to Amsterdam where he performed eight ceremonies. Then he returned to Thailand and decided to study English in order to communicate better with his patients. He was also in Macedonia, Bulgaria, Romania, Austria, Russia, Mexico and many other countries in the world. 

He follows this path with humility, with the single purpose to heal and to offer sacred rituals with music therapy, crystal therapy, sound healing and to work with traditional plants of the Amazon.


Another of Ricardo's qualities where you can feel his connection with sacred plants and with the Pachamama is his sharing of music. From the age of thirteen onwards he plays at his travels and ceremonies of Wachuma and other master plants with bamboo instruments. He sings Icaros and healing songs that he studied with shamans and other mystic healers. 

At the age of thirty-two years Ricardo was initiated by a very powerful healer with the name Maestro Tito la Rosa, who works only with ancestral sounds creating a deep connection with the Inca tradition.

Maestro Tito la Rosa is a man who dedicates his life to build instruments that for him are not instruments but living beings of the Bamboo Master Plant. Ricardo participated in flute making workshops where the Maestro looked at Ricardo with great appreciation and where he started a deep relationship with Maestro Tito la Rosa and his family. 

His family is dedicated to the construction of flutes, for example flutes of condor feathers, flutes of peace, grandfather flutes, etc., which Ricardo also uses in his sacred ceremonies.




Alberto Utia Bocanegra was born on September 14, 1982, in a small town called Tamshiyacu. Tamshiyacu is located at the beautiful river of the Amazon. It was founded by a tribe called the BORGENS. 

At the age of 15 was his first experience with the grandmother medicine Ayahuasca. From that moment on Alberto felt a strong calling to study and to work with healing plants. He started to walk every day along the Peruvian Amazon looking for information about different healers, powerful teachers and collected a lot of information from the grandparents and grandmothers. As well he realized that the alternative medicine in the Peruvian Amazon has the purpose to heal body, mind, soul and emotions, also the endless benefits of herbs and medicinal plants. 

For centuries the indigenous populations in Peru have used natural plants for spiritual and medical purposes and for personal growth. Through the years Alberto witnessed how people got healed through the plants. 


Once a grandmother went to his house every morning to ask him for the leaves of a plant he had in his garden and the third time she came he asked her why she wants to have this plant so often. And she told him that this plant is very good for the heart. And so his knowledge about the plants grew. 

Today Alberto is a graduate of an institute, has a professional degree and wrote his master’s thesis about medicinal plants.


Doris Kemptner was born in Austria and has a master’s degree in psychology, nutrition and philosophy. 

She is doing integration work after the ceremonies. Doris collected a lot of experience with her healing modalities that she studied all around the world. She is giving several different treatments, like Reiki, Rebirthing, Yoga and Chi Nei Tsang Massages. Some treatments are included in the retreat prices, some can get purchased extra.

In women retreats she guides Yoni Egg Workshops and Women Circles as well.

Doris has an extensive knowledge about the diet and nutrition and will share her knowledge generously. As well she will give psychological guidance. 

If you want to read more about treatments that she offers you can watch her YouTube channel or her webpage.

Some Youtube Videos from Doris